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Metal Recovery Services

We offer a NEW industry Standard to valuate your dental scrap holdings that offers you TRUE value instead of a Guessed at value.





MRS offers absolute top dollar for your precious metal scrap. We can say this with confidence because at MRS, we have turned Dental Scrap Recycling into a science. We use the most advanced, state of the art, methods and equipment to process and evaluate your Dental Scrap, and we do it in our own refinery, thus eliminating the middleman. This means larger returns for you.

The newly developed process we use ultra purifies the metal prior to valuation resulting in a homogenous mixture of precious metals. This extra process allows for a more consistent Assay of your metals, resulting in higher payouts.

The newly developed process we use ultra purifies the metal prior to valuation resulting in a homogenous mixture of precious metals. This extra process allows for a more consistent Assay of your metals, resulting in higher payouts.

Metal Recovery Service is a new way for offices to get a fair and true value proceeds for your Dental scrap.
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We evaluate your scrap with state of the art instruments, equipment and technics. This allows us to know precisely what types of metals are contained in your scrap, Both precious and NON-precious, ALL of which you are paid on. Because our facility refines more than just precious metals, we also refine NPM's such as Copper, Zinc, Chromium Cobalt and others. Anything we refine for, you are paid on. NO other Scrapping company can claim this.

What separates us from the rest is that we take a more scientific approach to recycling. No guessing what your scrap is worth.

If you are local to the Tampa Bay area of Florida, we offer personalized service by a local representative. At your office we visually evaluate your scrap holdings for the sole purpose of determining the amount of cash deposit to leave. This deposit is simply a good faith measure we employ, and is based on the weight and and presumed metals types contained in your holdings. Along with the deposit, we leave an itemized invoice describing the appearance and weight of your holdings and of course a clean receptacle to house your future scrap in. Your Scrap is kept separate from everyone else's and and sent directly to our lab for individualized evaluation. There, your scrap is processed using our proprietary Ultra Purification Method. This extra step results in a homogenous "Ultra Pure" mixture of precious metals, which allows for a more consistent Assay of your metals and in turn, resulting in higher payouts. The entire process takes about 2 weeks. In that time you will receive in the mail a copy of this Assay report developed by the X-Ray Florescent Spectrometer. The report itemizes all the metals and their current values during the refining process. Along with the Assay, a follow-up check made out to anyone you like, and is for the TRUE value of your holdings.

Our Company
  • We analyze your scrap with an X-Ray Florescence spectrometer. We know exactly what your scrap contains and what it’s worth.

  • We enclose an Assay Report with every transaction noting every type of metal found, the quantity of each, and the current rate of exchange.

  • We pay on ALL metals. Not only Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium, but also on Non-precious metals including Copper, Zinc, Chromium Cobalt and others.

Other Company
  • They guess at the value of your scrap.

  • They offer payment without any supporting documentation as to it’s true value.

  • They pay only on precious metals.




At MRS we offer the most comprehensive dental scrap recycling experience, by implementing state-of-the-art techniques and equipped in order to give the most transparent and legitimate transactions possible.

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We can give you the same great service on converting your broken and unwanted Gold, Silver and Platinum jewelry into cash.

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MRS can also service Cremation Facilities, although procedures are slightly different. Contact our office for details.

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I had some scrap metal from my dental office and after considering several options, I decided on Metal Recovery Services after a recommendation on a dental message board. My experience involved quick communications, an easy transaction, and a pleasant surprise when the payment was received. Couldn't be happier and will use this company again.

Jeff K. Westminster CO.

I started using Tim 2 year’s ago when he stopped at our office and explained how they were different from the others, namely that they don’t guess at the value of our scrap. Tim analyzes it with some kind of machine that makes a report and we can see exactly how much Gold and Silver was really in it and how much it is worth. It’s very thorough even showing exactly how much they keep for processing it. It was a very transparent transaction that instilled a sense of confidence that I just didn’t get with the other guys. I will always use MRS for for my dental scrap

Tina J. - Office Manager

We like Metal Recovery Services to recycle our offices dental scrap because we can trust that he is giving us a fair deal. He gives us an Assay to prove it. They even did some personal jewelry for me that I no longer wanted. It was great to have the cash instead and It was so easy. I didn’t have to shop it around at a shifty “we buy gold places”. Very happy with Tim and his company.

Dr. Sonya R.

Interested in working together?

If you are in the Tampa Bay area, call our office for an appointment for personal service by one of our local representative. If you are outside the service area or prefer the anonymity of mail shipping, the process is quite easy. Simply place your scrap into a heavy duty ziplock bag (or double bag standard) and place it into a USPS Priority Mail, Small Flat Rate Box, you can get these free at the post office. Before you seal the box make sure to add your contact information. An office business card works nicely. Also print the name of the person you would like to have the payment check made out to. Seal the box. The post office recommends (as do we) using packing tape to wrap once around the long side, and once around the short side, crisscrossing on the face. This is just added security. Ship box to: MRS 500 Horseblock Rd. #161 Farmingville N.Y. 11738 It will cost less than $10 to ship. (We reimburse this cost with your payment). No need to insure or overnight, but it is imperative that you get a tracking number. Save your receipt with this number. If you can, take a photo of this receipt containing the tracking number and text it to me at 727-687-2607. This will give us a “heads up” that it’s coming and we will be able to track it as well. We send a follow up text when we receive it to let you know. Processing times are approximately 2 to 3 weeks. In that time of you will receive a comprehensive Assay Report itemizing all the metal types we found in your scape (both precious and non-precious), as well as the weight and and value of each at the time of processing and of course a check in the amount of the true value based on this report.